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Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ parts for sale - (read & choose links)


1. Core Kit Parts: Electronic Stop Labelling (ESL) for Haupwerk organs

The Core Kit for Version 2 is now on sale. (There are two versions of this project. Version 1 is retired but may still be available - see My Music website)

Anyone who has more than one organ sample set in Hauptwerk knows that each organ has different stops, and one must find a way of showing the name of each stop. This is the ultimate method of solving this project. When I first published this project it was based on using Stripboard to hold the electronic displays and provide the connections. Well: all that is changed because we now have printed circuit boards (PCBs) especially designed to fit with some standard illuminated stop switches. And, wait for it: there are now two version of Stop Plate which laser cut by professionals. One version is in beautiful black acrylic, and the other is in lovely beech ply, of high quality.
See the details of key components for sale for this project. From time to time I may have Ready Built ESL stop plates.

2. Stop Jambs with illuminated stop switches for sale

During the design and construction of my OPUS II console I built a pair of 60 stop (each) stop jambs with illuminated stop switches.
Stop labelling is acheived by removable printed strips which label each stop. (Thus these stop jambs are not fitted with electronic
These two stop jambs are no avaiable for sale. See the details of the stop jambs that are now for sale.

3. Building your own Hauptwerk Virtual Organ Console

There are two projects for virtual organ consoles on my music websites.
The least complicated is the OPUS I project, details of which are at: http://my-music.kaspencer.com/opus_i.htm

A much more complete console, with couplers and pistons and up to 120 stops is OPUS II, which was only completed late in 2020.
This console also features automatic electronic labelling of the stops as soon as an organ is loaded. The labelling system is the subject of two projects, one of which is described in Project 2 on this page. OPUS II details are at: http://my-music.kaspencer.com/opus_ii.htm
Note that, apart from the ESL project and the Stop Jambs (1. & 2. above) details of these organs are presented for ideas only.

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