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For 19 years KA SPENCER (t/a KASPENCER (SOFTWARE)) offered a personal computing support and software development service to small and medium business organisations, public sector, independent professionals, and users in their home offices.

BOOKS (click for details)

KA Spencer has written three books, two of which are of a  technical nature: one directly relating to computers and computing, and another explaining aspects of the Virtual Pipe Organ using the well-known software "Hauptwerk". The third book is a rather large tome which decribes a 35 year-long game of Dungeons and Dragons. Details of all three books are available via the panel on the left.

FOR SALE (click for details)

I often have various parts for Hauptwerk Virtual Organ projects for sale. These include KEY COMPONENT KITS for the ELECTRONIC STOP LABELLING (ESL) project, and for ILLUMINATED SWITCH STOP JAMBs (with manual rather than electronic labels).

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS (click for details)

Since 2014 KA Spencer has more-or-less retired. However, he has quite a number of very useful software products which, although no longer updated, are still of value to so many businesses and indivuduals.

Most of these software products require very little, if any, support or training to install or use, and so most of them remain available to purchase by email order, or, by download and online payment via PayPal.

If any prospective purchasers really do not feel comfortable without support or training in the initial introduction of new software, a day's support, to include installation and outline training may be made available for some of the more complex packages.

KA Spencer, in his currently limited modus operandi can provide training in Bath, Bristol, West Wiltshire, Somerset and South Gloucestershire. However, it should be stressed that all software is supplied with comprehensive Installation Instructions, and Software User Manuals.

Additionally, questions may be emailed during the first six months of use.

Details of the software products that remain available are provided in the panel to the left.

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