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I am
pleased to be able to offer for sale, a pair of Stop Jambs, Left & Right, each fitted with 60 illuminated stop switches. The stop jambs wil work with Hauptwerk 4.x, and with later editions, as long as your licence permits MIDI OUT (as well of course, as MIDI IN). The jambs have not been tested with any earlier versions of Hauptwerk, but if the version handles MIDI OUT, they should work with those versions too.

These two stop jambs are not electronically labelled: instead they are labelled by printed strips which sit between the columns of stop switches. These are attached beneath perspect strips, which are attached to the plate by means of knurled thumb screws. An extensive range of strips, for both left and right sides, is included with the jambs, as well as Microsoft Word template files so that you can add your own. We also covered our strips (as supplied) with an adhesive protective film to enhance their longevity.

Here are images of the stop jamb, as set up for a large instrument. The image below left shows the Left Stop Jamb, with printed labels for a large organ. The image below on the right shows the stop jamb mounted in a console.

Each stop includes 60 stop switches, each fitted with a normally open (N/O) microswitch and a 5v LED. Although wiring is installed, neither MIDI encdoder nor decoder is included. in the price. Wiring the switches to an encoder and the LEDs to a decoder is quite straight forward: a terminal of each switch goes to its corresponding port number on the encoder, whilst a terminal of each LED goes to its corresponding port number on the decoder. The other terminal of the switches are commoned and connected to the common input of the encoder, whilst the other terminal of the LEDs are commoned and connected to the common output of the decoder. It is immaterial as to which terminal of the switches are commoned but the LED terminal to be commoned depends upon whether your decoder is common positive or common negative.

There is more information about these stop jambs in THIS document. If you are interested in purchasing these Stop Jambs, please send an email  to the address on the top banner of this page, and make an offer in the region of 250, per jamb. I am not inclined to sell the jambs separately, but may do that in the face of an attractive bid. Feel free to make contact with any questions.

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