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KA SPENCER (Software) offers a number of software products:

 - a full-featured accounts package for any small business;
 - job costing system packages, suitable for many types of business;
 - sales management software for the client-based business;
- a work tracking package for a variety of business types (this package);
 - a personnel management package for a wide variety of organisations;
 - an event manager package;
 - a journal/document indexing package;
- a resource management package (loans and returns);
-  a mobile home rental management package;
TracSys Work Tracking - View some screens and more detail via the links below:
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TracSys is a Work and Job Tracking System designed for property maintainers and contractors. Each new job requested by your clients is easily logged, and its progress can easily be planned, recorded and monitored.

Full details of your clients - organisations or individuals for whom you may do contracted or ad-hoc work are maintained.

Your work records of jobs completed, planned or underway are easily maintained, and as jobs proceed you can easily check progress. Each work request can go through as many (user-defined) stages as you wish, from quotation to completion.

Reports are readily produced showing the desired level of detail and any aspect of work covered that you wish. Reports can be viewed on screen or printed, as desired.

Click a link in one of the boxes above to see some screens and read more details of the features of TracSys Work Tracking or to download and purchase the system.

TracSys is available as a single PC, single user system (SU), and as a Networked Multi-user system (MU) with licences issued in groups of four.
The cost is from £100.00 depending upon the licence type purchased. To download and purchase a licence, click on the link at the top of the page.
More than eight simultaneous users on Microsoft Access is likely to degrade performance significantly.
runs on all versions of Microsoft® Windows® from XP to Win10 and requires Microsoft® Access® 2003 or above.
(If running on Access 2007+ please be sure to read the support notes.)
NOTE: If you intend to run TracSys on Access 2003 you must apply service pack SP1 before installation.
LEAFLET file for Download. PDF document describing TracSys - Please note that the web pages may be more up-to-date.
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