TracSys Work and Job Tracking from KA Spencer (Software)
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TracSys Secure Login
provides a secure login with a valid combination of username and password, which determines the level of access to be granted to the system (Manager, Operator, or Viewer). Once access is gained, the TracSys Main Options screen is displayed.

TracSys Work Tracking  maintains full databases of your Organisations (e.g. clients and customers), and Work Records (e.g. contracted and ad-hoc), and is extensively user-definable by a system of codes.

TracSys Ledger
A full work ledger is maintained as work is logged, each entry having its own user-defined call type (e.g. daytime callout, contacted, maintenance etc), and priority (e.g. urgent, routine etc), and other attributes. A user-defined reason code allows consistent analysis of calls in the reports options.

A Status History of each call can be maintained, recording the key events of the life-cycle of the job.

Reports A set of reports with definable parameters and giving ready access to all your recorded work/job information is easily previewed and printed.
TracSys Work Tracking Main Options Screen at Startup
(some details have been obscured for privacy reasons)

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