KA Spencer (Software)
Terms and Conditions
Our Terms for software sales are also noted on the Payment Pages, but all prospective purchasers are offered the following advice:

Software media (CD/DVD) will be replaced at no cost if found defective within one year of purchase.

Please explore the web pages (on this site) which describe the software, it's purpose and functions, it's operating system, supporting software, and hardware requirements. Please use that information to confirm the software applicability to your business before purchasing;

3. Computer software is not returnable once the licence keys have been issued. We only charge your credit card once the licence keys have been emailed or posted. We hope that potential purchasers understand that once a download of software has been obtained, and a Licence Key issued, it is not possible to accept a return;

4. Users who wish to evaluate software before purchasing should ask for demonstration/evaluation versions (time limited licences) where available (NB.: not all of our applications have evaluation licences);

5. If there are any remaining questions about the suitability of one of our software packages for your intended purpose, you are advised to contact us with your question(s):
 - by telephone (+44)(0)0843 289 9728, Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:30pm
GMT only
 - by email kas at kaspencer dot com
by facsimile (+44)(0)870 706 2590.

These points are important because software downloads and installation keys are not recoverable once issued, and therefore refunds are not possible.

Kenneth Spencer, KA Spencer (Software)