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SaleSys Standard Reports
SaleSys Sales Management System has a most comprehensive set of reports to meet all the needs of a small business involved in selling.
List reports give details on the Organisations and Commodities in the system.
Sales and Purchase History reports give details of the Transactions recorded against the various ledgers, by organisation and commodity, either in summary (headers) or in detail (including all transaction lines).
The accounts reports includes Profit/Loss on the trade in a particular Commodity or with a particular Organisation, and can be date-ranged.
The statement includes any Credit or Debit status on the account.
Activity reports on commodities and organisations can be produced very flexibly, and include Profit/Loss, including the Activity by Source reports which allow the Sales from a specified Sales Source (e.g. a newspaper advertisement) to be measured.
and Sales reports are provided, including stock valuations and breakdown by commodity, organisation or sales person.
can be printed for any set of transactions, to assist with the mailing of invoices or sales lead literature. Individual mailing labels can also be generated from the Transaction Detail screen
A Despatch Schedule can be generated for all Sales Invoice Transactions which have no fully matching Sales Despatch transaction (i.e. have not thus far been despatched). This includes sufficient information for a delivery journey and for collection of any due payment from the customer if required.
can be printed showing Sales or Purchases within a selected date range.
SaleSys Reports Options Screen  
AccoSys Accounts Reports Options screen
SaleSys Sales Management can produce graphs of your Staff Sales Activity, by year (monthly) or month of year.
Individual staff sales by year (monthly) can also be produced. An example below shows Sales Activity for each month of a specified year by all staff.
SaleSys Graph Options Screen  
SaleSys Graphs
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