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SALESYS - Download and Purchase
This page permits you to download a version of SaleSys Sales Manager, and to purchase an appropriate licence.
Please ensure that you have read the screens which describe the product before you commit to a purchase.
You can also order the licence by Purchase Order or Letter sent by email, post or facsimile.
Please see the Ordering & Contact Us page for details.

You may download the software at anytime, but it can only be used with a serial number and master password from us.
We supply the serial number and master password  to you by email or telephone when your payment has been authorised.
Your payment will be handled by our payment service provider's secure website.
You will usually receive your serial number and master password the same day that your your payment is confirmed, at the latest within four business days.

There are two versions of SaleSys, both of which permit the use of the software into perpetuity:
 - A standalone single user licence (SU), The cost of this licence is £50.00 (GBP50).
    This option is installed only on the PC on which it is to be used. It is NOT suitable nor licensed for use over a network.
 - A 4-user network licence (MU), which allows up to four separate Windows PC users to have simultaneous access to AccoSys accounts data.
Any server (Windows etc, Netware, UNIX, Linux) or a peer-to-peer network of Windows PCs can be used. Note, however, that the system can only be run on a Windows PC.
The cost of this licence is £150.00 (GBP150) for four users. More licences may be purchased at any time, in groups of four. 

Follow these instructions and begin the download by double-clicking on one of the "Download" links below.
The SU download file is called "sale_su.exe", and the MU file is "sale_mu.exe."  Remember the name - you will need it later.
At the start of the download, click on the "Save" option. The file size is approx. 10Mb.
Then navigate your computer and select a location for the file in the "Save in" box. Remember the location  - you will need it later.
Then click on the "Save" button - the download will begin. When it finishes, click on "Close".
Once your download is complete, you must double-click on one of the "Purchase" options below for a licence to match your download choice.
(Final installation instructions are on the Purchase pages.)
Select whichever option you want from the table below:
Double-click on one Download & a matching Purchase option
Download Single User (SU) version                    Download Multiple User (MU) version
Purchase a Single User (SU) Licence                      Purchase a Four User (MU) Licence
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