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PersSys Personnel Manager - View some screens and some more detail via the links below:
Depts/Sections/Jobs Annual/Sick Leave
Employees Analyse & Print
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PerSys makes it easy to search for employees meeting any required Qualification/Job/Annual or Sick Leave criteria.

PersSys contains a powerful Analyse and Print Dialogue, which allows you to find and output the information you require.

The results can be viewed on your screen, sent to a file (for later word processing) or sent directly to your printer.
The way the information is listed, either in Employee order, or sorted into Departments and Sections, can also be selected.
Furthermore, when information which can be totalled is selected for output (such as Salaries, Annual Leave taken or due, Sickness Leave) each set of figures will be automatically totalled by Department and Section.
Searching Employee Data
Annual Leave and Sickness Records
(some detailed have been obscured for privacy reasons)
Pers-Sys search/analyse and print
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