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PersSys permits the recording of Annual and Sickness Leave details.
The information recorded includes Dates From/To, number of working days taken and the reasons, selected from a user-defined list.

Annual Leave Details: details of up to 30,000 current annual leave events can be held.
Within this limit, any employee can have unlimited historical Annual Leave events. The balance of leave, coupled to any carried over (if permitted) is automatically updated.

Sickness Leave: details of up to 30,000 current sickness absence/leave events can be held, including the Reason, Date From/To, and Days Taken. Within this limit, any employee can have unlimited historical Sickness Leave events. The total of sickness leave is automatically updated.

Reporting: the Analyse and Print Dialogue permits Annual Leave taken and due to be calculated and reported by Department/Section and by Employee. This powerful dialogue also permits Sickness Leave to be searched by Absence Reason, by Department and Section and by Employee.
Recording Employee Annual Leave
(some detailed have been obscured for privacy reasons)
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