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Employee Details maintained in PersSys include personal information, addresses, nexts of kin, qualifications/attributes, jobs held and salaries.

 Unlimited (to disc capacity) historical data may be held in PerSys, and each historical data set is easily loaded for examination. What follows refers to the employee personal data which can be held in any one current set of data files.

Personal Details: details of up to 2-3,000 currently active employees can be held, including Surname/Forename(s)/Title/Initials/Date of Birth/National Insurance No/Employee Reference No.
Addesses: up to 9,000 date-ranged Employee Addresses can be held: within this limit, any Employee can have unlimited date-ranged historical addresses.
Nexts of Kin: up to 9,000 dated Employee Nexts of Kin can be held: within this limit, any employee can have unlimited historical nexts of kin.
Qualifications: up to 30,000 dated and graded employee attributes or qualifications can be held. They may be actual qualifications (e.g. BSc, First Aider) or more general attributes (e.g. speaks French, holds budget). Within this limit, any employee can have unlimited historical qualifications.
Job Records: up to 30,000 dated employee job records can be held.
Salaries may be annually incremented either on a job-related scale, or on an ad-hoc basis. Other job data such as Dates, Manager, Leave Entitlement are also held.
Creating an Employee Job Record
(some detailed have been obscured for privacy reasons)
Pers-Sys create employee job
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