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PersSys allows flexible user defined creation of departments, sections, qualifications/attributes, leave reasons, job types.

: an unlimited number of Departments form the top level divisions of your organisation.
Sections: beneath Departments are Sections.
Managers: Employees can be assigned as Managers to Departments, Sections, and of other employees.
Qualifications: represent attributes of your employees. They may be actual qualifications (e.g. BSc, First Aider) or more general attributes (e.g. speaks French, holds budget).
Leave Reasons: may be defined by your organisation as Authorised or Unauthorised.
Job Types: unlimited defined job types may be held, each with an associated salary scale (if required) which may be incremental or fixed.
All user defined items can be used as keys for searching during analysis and printing.
Creating a Job Type, with a Salary Scale attached
(some detailed have been obscured for privacy reasons)
Pers-Sys create job
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