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Transaction List View
can be entered into any of the user-defined Ledgers (e.g. Sales, Purchases, Nominal/General, Event).
The Transaction List
enables transactions readily to be searched, selected, listed and sorted by Date, Type, Organisation, Commodity and Batch number.
Double-clicking on the transaction number column (Tran) will then show the selected Transaction Detail.
The Transaction list
(some details have been obscured for privacy reasons)
MHCSys Transaction screen
Transaction Detail View
Transaction Headers
record the ledger and transaction types (e.g. order, invoice, etc.) organisation details and other information.
Transaction Lines hold the details of the Commodity, Department, quantity and price.
To save time, Transactions can be linked to previously entered transactions: so that, for example, an order detail can be readily transferred to an invoice, and the invoice detail to a payment.
Access to a Commodity, Organisation, and Batch details for reference and update is provided by double-clicking over key screen fields or by clicking on the buttons provided. Popup windows provide access to al associated information which can then be viewed, created or edited as necessary.
Linking enables double-clicking on a linked transaction field to display the detail of that transaction, allowing traversal of a linked transaction sequence from Purchase Order through to Sales Despatch, if required.
Commodities which have a "Cumulative" property set are accounted in a cumulative manner. Thus Electricity and Gas accounts are properly managed with respect to an earlier value when a new reading is taken and used in a new transaction - you do not need to do any of the arithmentic.
Business Documents (e.g. Invoice, Remittance, Order etc) can be previewed from this screen, and printed or even faxed to your customer or supplier (most facsimile software will work with AccoSys to achieve this).
Transaction Detail View
Creating a Transaction record

AccoSys Transaction screen
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