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Whilst standard business documents such as Account Invoices and Payment Receipts can be printed as the Transactions for them are entered, it is also possible to print a date-ranged set of Accounts for sending to your Residents. In addition, details of other data in the system can be reported:
List reports give details on the Organisations and Commodities in the system.
Ledger reports (S/P/D) list the transactions in the selected Sales or Purchases or Departmental ledger.
Accounts reports give details of the Transactions recorded against the various ledgers, by Organisation or Commodity, either in summary (headers) or in detail (including all transaction lines).
The accounts reports include Profit (Loss) on the trade in a particular Commodity or with a particular Organisation, and can be date-ranged.
The statement includes any Credit or Debit status on the account.
Activity reports on Commodities and Organisations can be produced very flexibly, and include Profit (Loss) .
and Sales reports are provided, including stock valuations and breakdown by sales person.
Profit and Loss
reports can be instantly printed for any period, and for any Cost Centre.
VAT Reports can be instantly printed for any period, and for any cost centre.
Balance Sheet report can be instantly printed to show Assets, Creditors and Debtors.
Labels can be printed for Batched Commodities.
MHCSys Reports Options Screen  
MHCSys Reports Options screen
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