MHCSys Mobile Home Charging from KA Spencer (Software)
MHCSys Mobile Home Charging System - View some screens and some more detail via the links below:
MHCSys Main Options Organisations Commodities
Codes and Reference Transactions Reports
Download and Purchase
Secure Login
secure login requires a valid combination of username and password, which determines the level of access to be granted to the system (Manager, Operator, or Viewer). Once access is gained, the MHCSys Main Options screen is displayed:
MHCSys Main Options Screen at Startup
Main Option Buttons provide access to the databases of your Organisations (e.g. customers, suppliers), Commodities (e.g. goods and services), and your Transactions which involved them. 
- MHCSys is extensively user-definable by a system of codes.
Transaction Ledgers A full set of ledgers (sales, purchase, departmental/nominal, and non-financial events) is available, each with its own user-defined transaction types (e.g. quotation, order, invoice, payment, despatch/delivery).
Cost Centres enable your business activity to be divided and reported as a whole or in appropriate business divisions.
Departments form your accounting headings, and can themselves be categorised as Sales, Income, Purchases, Expenditure, Expenses, and many types of Asset. 
Reports A set of reports with definable parameters and giving ready access to all your business information is easily previewed and printed.
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