MHCSys Mobile Home Charging from KA Spencer (Software)
MHCSys Mobile Home Charging System - View some screens and some more detail via the links below:
MHCSys Main Options Organisations Commodities
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Download and Purchase
comprise all of the goods and services which you buy and sell.
Existing Commodities are listed in the Commodity List View (which is similar to the Organisations List View).

Commodity Detail View
Name and Code identify each Commodity.
Commodities can also be classed by Type.
Cumulatively used commodities (e.g. electricity or gas) are accounted properly with options for meter changes and for changes of resident.
Default Department will allocate the Commodity to a default accounting department.
Suppliers, Purchase and Sale Prices
with a date range and a quantity band may be held.
Batches may be created, amended and viewed. Batches can contain manufacturer serial numbers to allow full tracking of individual items bought and sold.
Creating a Commodity in the Commodity Detail screen
AccoSys Organisations Detail screen
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