JISys Journal Indexing System from KA Spencer (Software)
KA SPENCER (Software) offers a number of software products:

 -- a full-featured accounts package for any small business;
 - job costing, and work tracking packages for a variety of business types;
 - sales management software for the client-based business;
 - a personnel management package for a wide variety of organisations;
 - an event manager package;
- a mobile home charging system;
 - a journal/document indexing package (this package);
- a resource management package (loans and returns);
-  an event resource costing system.
JISys Journal Indexing System - View some screens and more detail via the links below:
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Download and Purchase
You are choosing to download a multiple (four) user (MU) licence for JISys.
You will be charged £90.00 (GPB90).
Please ensure that you have read the screens which describe the product and that it is suitable for your purpose.
You should also take care to read our Terms & Conditions regarding software delivery by download.
This version includes the manual onscreen, which you may print for yourself.
The multiple (four) user (MU) licence
allows you install and use JISys into perpetuity on up to four computers.
The data can be held on any network server - e.g. any Windows server (but not 64-bit if JISys is to be used on the server), on Novell Netware, UNIX or Linux, and a peer-to-peer network of 32-bit Windows PCs can be used.
JISys System Administrator manages the update of Keywords, Journals and Articles.
Four network users are permitted to search the data.
Multiples of four additional user licences can be purchased at any time.

You may download the software at anytime, but it can only be used with a serial number and master password.
We supply the serial number and password to you by email or telephone as soon as your payment has been authorised.

Step 1 (this step): we take your details
Step 2 you start the download
Step 3 you pay via our payment service provider's secure website
Step 4 you install

We use a secure payment service for our payment system. The instructions for payment are explained fully on step 3 of the Download and Purchase procedure,

Instructions - Step 1:
1. Enter your details below:

    Your email address must be entered carefully, as we will send your serial number and password via email.
    If you wish to edit the reference to your order, do so, and then click on the "Next Step" button.
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