JISys Journal Indexing System from KA Spencer (Software)
KA SPENCER (Software) offers a number of software products:

 -- a full-featured accounts package for any small business;
 - job costing, and work tracking packages for a variety of business types;
 - sales management software for the client-based business;
 - a personnel management package for a wide variety of organisations;
 - an event manager package;
- a mobile home charging system;
 - a journal/document indexing package (this package);
- a resource management package (loans and returns);
-  an event resource costing system.
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JISys Main Features Article Entry Article Search
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Journal Name: select a Journal Name from the list of 990 Journal Names that can be held in the system.
(NB.: Each Journal Name can be used for as many issues as may be published under that name.)
Add a date (month and year) of publication if required.
Authors: select from the existing authors or add a new author(s) for the article. (Shown in the screenshot)
Keywords: select up to eight Keywords from the dictionary of 990 Keywords that can be held in the system.
Title: type in the Title of the article.
Note: type in a note or comment on the article if required.
Journals, Authors and Keywords can be used as keys for searching during analysis and printing.
Selecting an Author during article entry
JISys Edit
LEAFLET file for Download. PDF document describing JISys (Please note that the web pages may be more up-to-date)
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