EveSys Events Manager from KA Spencer (Software)
KA SPENCER (Software) offers a number of software products:

 - a full-featured accounts package for any small business;
 - job costing, and work tracking packages for a variety of business types;
 - sales management software for the client-based business;
 - a personnel management package for a wide variety of organisations;
 - an event manager package (this system);
- a mobile home charging system;
 - a journal/document indexing package;
- a resource management package (loans and returns);
-  an event resource costing system.
EveSys Accounts - View some screens and some more detail via the links below:
EveSys Main Options Organisations Individuals
Events Bookings Reports
Download and Purchase
Events are planned occasions which you organise, usually with an intention to charge for attendance. Events usually have dates, a venue and title.
A similar screen permits the creation of Subevents (e.g. Exhibitions) which are linked with a selected event and dependent upon it. Subevents have similar attributes to those of Events, but can also have Facilities (e.g. bookable Stands, and Spaces) which may be reserved and purchased.
Event Class permits further division of your activities if required.
Event Type (e.g. conference) allows you to have several different types of event which you are free to define yourself.
Event Prices can be defined by type and then created for selection during booking.
Event Extras (e.g. dinner, proceedings, etc) are items of additional service which attendees may opt to purchase or book, with or without a price.
Organisation and Individual Roles (e.g. Attendee, Venue, Sponsor) permits selection of those individuals and organisations involved in your event.
Creating an Event (Conference) record
in the Events Detail screen
EveSys Organisations Detail screen
LEAFLET file for Download. (PDF file  describing EveSys - Please note that the web pages may be more up-to-date.)
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