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Commodities are the goods and services which you buy and sell.
Suppliers, Purchase and Selling Prices may be held, including in price-bands according to volume.
Unit of Use can be selected from a user-defined list (e.g. kilogramme, litre, metre, yard, single).
Fixed Cost can be held as either a quantity of the commodity at current cost, or as a fixed monetary sum.
Percentage Waste can be held.
Unit Cost can also be entered.
For some special commodities, a supply length, width and pattern repeat distance may be entered.
This can permit the use of some the special Cost Calculators that are built in to CostSys Job Costing.
Creating a Commodity record in the Commodity Detail screen
A Commodity Schedule records several different instances of use of a Commodity in a Job or Project. This is useful if you build up a cost of a job from material usage lists or employee worksheets, for example.
Commodity Schedules can be entered from the Commodity Detail screen or during job/project management from the Job or Project Detail screen.
Commodity schedules can be used for all types of commodity inputs into job a projects, including labour and materials.
A Commodity Schedule
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