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Codes  and Reference Data Values
AccoSys Accounts
uses a highly flexible arrangement of user-defined Codes and Descriptions and Reference Values for many areas of the system.
Codes are grouped into Domains. For example Address Types are grouped together under a domain, and any number of address types can be created for use on invoices, orders, and for addresses of suppliers and customers. (Other standard domains include Department Categories, Ledger Types, Transaction Types, Telecomm Address Types (shown),  Organisation Roles, Person Titles, Employee Roles, and Transaction Status, Countries and Currencies.)
Reference Values are provided to hold date-defined values for Exchange Rate Sets for international currency relationships and VAT rates for international VAT rates.
Creating a Code in a Domain
(Various Codes under Telecom Address Type)

AccoSys Codes screen

Creating a Reference Value in an Exchange Rate Set
(£GB to $US rate)
AccoSys Reference Values screen
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