"All about Hauptwerk"
The virtual pipe organ

All about Hauptwerk"
is the new book produced produced especially in order
to provide a readable source of support for anyone planning to explore, actually installing,
configuring, setting up, or building a Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ.

The book begins by placing Hauptwerk in context, with actual pipe organs, and with
attempts to reproduce organ-like sounds with other technologies, from reed organs
through tone-wheel (Hammond) organs, electronic and digital organs.
Those persons embarking on a Hauptwerk project with little experience of real pipe organs will
appreciate the section on pipe organs.

All the items needed to build a full-featured virtual pipe organ are described, with many examples.
The computing requirements are discussed fully and the options are explained.
The options for audio, from simple stereo through headphones, through stereo speakers, right
up to multiple channel audio are discussed, including configuration details.
Diagrams and measurements are given for those keen to construct their own console or pedalboard.
Finally, several topics that round off an organist's knowledge are explained, including how Hauptwerk
permits virtual organs to be "voiced", how to tune a virtual pipe organ, and the ways in which tuning
schemes ("temperaments") have developed.

ISBN 978-1-326-31884-0 244; pages; 115 illustrations, perfect bound.
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